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Meditations can be a great way to drop-in and develop some compassion & ease within.
There is good research that shows that meditation and mindfulness can help deepen self-awareness,
increase self-compassion, and decrease generalized & acute stress.

Ellie's meditations are different than other meditations you may have done:
they blend mindfulness and breath work with developing and cultivating internal self-compassion and relationships, which is the foundation for how we show up in our external relationships.

Not sure meditations are for you? I feel you.
I wrote an article about getting past the corny-factor of meditation.

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Ellie, I just did your body scan. I appreciate so much your sharing it with me. It was a welcome retreat and I was surprised by the insights it facilitated...I’ve done guided body scans before. Yours was my favorite. And I had the impulse, by the way, to call you and tell you this on the phone...but I just made a long overdue deal with my throat/neck to give it a break - inspired by your words. Thank you!
— Sara C.