I came to this work by way of personal and professional evolution.

I was raised in an alcoholic family system. I have had to recognize and get right with the legacy of my childhood. I have had to look at the ways I learned to adapt as a child and the ways that those adaptations followed me into adulthood.

This work is very personal to me!


I have the honor of helping women heal their childhood wounds so they can be more present, authentic, and connected in their relationships.

We impact the world through our relationships - especially those with our partners/co-parents and those with our children! When we are solid in our primary relationships, we can show up for our children the way they need us to show up. They can grow up solid. And when our children are solid, how many others can they positively impact throughout their lives?

That is a domino effect that I want to be part of!


I bring all of me into my work. I am present and transparent, often reflecting personal examples that may illuminate a place where you are feeling stuck or to help you feel less isolated. Given this, if you're looking for a 'blank slate' therapist, we are probably not a good fit. I am right there with you.

I think deeply about my clients and the things they are struggling with. I am often known to say: "You know, I was thinking about you after last week's session and I want to run this thought I had by you..."

I'm not easily intimidated, shaken, or shocked. I've heard it all. I can hold it all.

I laugh. I curse. You will always know you are with a real human.


I believe that to truly see change in how we feel and act within relationships, we have to engage from the roots. This is why I focus on helping you heal rather than teaching you skills.

My approach is phased, meaning that I meet you right where you are and that there is a progressive flow to my work. My work is deeply rooted in trauma research and neuroscience - I'm not just winging it!

You're thorough! I like that!

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